How to Wipe/Delete Data From Laptop {Windows, Mac, Linux}

How to Clear Data From Laptop Easily and Securely

How to Wipe Data From Laptop {Windows, Mac, Linux}

Remove Data From Laptop For Resale: In case you intend to sell your old computer, here are some steps you can take to begin the process. By cleaning your computer, you may be able to regain its lifespan and perform at a much higher level than one would expect for that number of years.

However, in some cases, the life of a machine can exceed your expectations and must be safely and reliably discarded. It is possible to delete data from the computer’s hard drive before removing it, but you must be careful to delete all data from the hard drive or take a serious risk.

Aside from the immediate concerns of privacy protection, this is not a big deal for consumers, but it can have serious implications for businesses. When you choose to discard a machine, you must be careful to delete all data related to the customer, employee or partner. Otherwise, this data could leak.

Although such data breaches can cause serious problems for any business, organizations throughout the industry that regularly process sensitive data, especially in the areas of financing and health care. Violating sensitive data in this way and violating data protection laws can lead to serious penalties. Therefore, it is essential that you always wipe before understanding any type of data storage medium.

First Step Is To Back up important data

First, it is important to make sure that all files and folders are backed up and organized. This will prevent you from accidentally deleting something important. Even if you do not intend to access your data in the future, you may need to report something hidden in the file in the distant future.

There are several ways to do this and the most practical way depends on the amount of data you need to copy.

Creating backups in the cloud is an option if you want to back up your files selectively or if you have a small number of files and have a very good internet connection.

However, the most complete and fastest way is to back up an external hard drive that is directly connected to your laptop.

You need to know how much storage space you need. If everything is stored on a single drive (usually drive C: in Windows), right-click on the drive to see how much data is used there.

Once the external drive is connected to the laptop, you can be sure that it is large enough to store all the data you need.To back up, simply connect the external drive to your laptop and drag files and folders to it. You can use the ability to back up Windows 7 to Windows 7. Windows 10 has both features, by adding backups and restoring system images.

How to Wipe a Windows 7/Vista/XP Laptop

Wiping a Windows 7 laptop shouldn’t be too difficult. Apps such as DBAN (link) can be used. It can be downloaded as an ISO image, so it must be exported to a bootable USB or disk before it can be used. After installing this USB flash drive on your laptop to wipe, restart your machine, boot from this drive, and follow the instructions. The machine will start the process for a few hours and will safely remove everything. You can now reinstall Windows 7 from any disk or bootable USB stick using Windows installation files.

DBAN can also be used to wipe a Windows or Linux drive, as it does not need to be run on a specific operating system.

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How to Wipe a Windows 8/8.1 Laptop

How to Wipe Data From Laptop {Windows, Mac, Linux} 1

On Windows 8 or 8.1, it’s much easier to wipe the hard drive. Go to the Start screen, find the Charms line, click Settings, and then click Change Computer Settings. Finally, select Uninstall and reinstall Windows.

If you want to delete your data, click “Complete” instead of “Quick” as a security measure. This means that the disk will be deleted and can be re-configured to automatically install a new copy of Windows.

How to Wipe a Windows 10 Laptop

How to Wipe Data From Laptop {Windows, Mac, Linux} 2

The built-in method allows you to wipe your hard drive and install a new copy of the operating system on Windows 10.

Go to Start> Settings> Update & Security> Recovery, click Start and select the appropriate option. To restore Windows 10 to its original state, you must follow all the instructions in the appropriate option that you just clicked.

In this case, surprisingly, to remove everything, turn on the Remove All option. If your laptop has multiple drive units, you will be asked if you want to delete files from all drive units. This is the best choice as a security option.

Finally, you will be asked if you want to clean the drive. This may take a few hours, but make sure there are no recoverable files from the disk.

How to Clean a Mac

How to Wipe Data From Laptop {Windows, Mac, Linux} 3

Wiping a Mac has almost the same principle, but it’s actually a lot easier. If your machine is running Lion or Mountain Lion, you don’t need a system drive, but older Macs. To start the recovery partition, restart your computer by holding down the Command and R keys and open Disk Utility.

Find the security option on the Delete tab and click Delete 7 Delete. This will write the data to disk several times. It may take several hours to complete the process, but it is a very safe way to do it.

How to Clean a Linux laptop

If you’re using a Linux-based computer, wiping an internal or external hard drive is a slightly tedious process that involves using the command line.

Open a command line terminal and type “sudo fdisk -l”. This will display all the storage units that are connected to your machine. Find the drive you want to wipe and note the drive path for the drive.

Then run this command – ‘sudo dd if = / dev / zero of = / dev / sdb bs = 1M-terminal terminal, type “/ dev / sdb /” in the correct device path of the destination unit Replace with. This method, called “zeroing”, wipes the drive by replacing all the information bytes with zeros.

There is controversy over whether this is safer than replacing the drive with a little random information, but it is usually faster and more efficient than protecting the data from the average buyer.

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