How To Set New Defaults For Windows 10 / Change default in Windows

Set Your Own Defaults For Windows 10

How To Set New Defaults For Windows 10

Set New Defaults For Windows 10: If you do not like the default programs used by Windows 10, such as Groove Music for music playback, Edge as the default web browser, photos for viewing photos, etc., you can easily change them in a few steps.

The guide for setting up the default app on Windows 10 also includes step-by-step instructions for defining the default printer or scanner, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. You can also see how to change the engine.

Setting My Own Default First Step

The first step in changing the default application is to make sure that the third-party program you want to set as default is installed on your computer. Next, you need to go to the Start menu, go to Settings> System and select Pre-selected applications.

Here you can see all the programs that you have set as default. If you’re using something that Microsoft prefers to use as a template, click the Restore button at the bottom to restore them all.

Set Your Own Default Second Step

Now you can start changing each one in the program of your choice. Just select the application you want to replace (such as a music player) and you will see a list of applications in which you can change the default. Choose what you want to use. That should work. However, if the application you want to use is not included in the list, go to step 6 to learn how to replace the application that is not included in the list.


Set Default in Window 10 Third Step

The default email application is set to email. If you want to change this in Outlook, make sure you have Office installed on your computer. To install the latest version, go to and sign in to your Microsoft account. Then click the Install button, run the downloaded installation file, and wait for it to complete. This will install Office 365 and you can use it on up to 5 devices for free for 1 month (after that it will cost 7.99 / month or 79.99 / year). After installation, open Outlook and log in to your account. Then return to the default settings of the application and set the default email application to Outlook.

Way to Set Default in Windows 10 Fourth Step

You can set Gmail as your default email. To do this, open Chrome, go to and sign in to your account. Then click on the protocol operator icon (on the right side of the browser line). If you do not see this icon, go to the next step. Then select Allow and click Finish. Click OK when the popup message appears on the screen. Then go back to the Default Apps section, click on the default email address (Email) and select Google Chrome.

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How To Set New Defaults For Windows 10 Screenshot

Set Default Program Final Step

Then open Chrome again, click Settings on the top right, scroll down, and click + Show Composite Settings. In the Privacy section, click the Content Settings button. Then scroll down to Managers and click Manage Managers. Click on the growing mailto menu, select and finally click twice. From now on, when you click on the link in the email address, the link will open in Chrome’s Gmail and you will be able to write an email.

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