How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Your Android

How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Your Android Cover

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How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Your Android

How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Your Android Cover

How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Your Android: With apps becoming an integral part of everyday life, cell phones will be used for anything from data storage to cameras, video recorders, notebooks, mobile phones, and you’ll soon find your internal storage clogged

There’s nothing more annoying than installing another app or saying in the middle of recording a video that there’s no storage space to file the masterpiece.

The smartphone storage space is faster and larger until you can store terabyte on the device, but when the storage space is a bit full, you may need to access an external SD card.

Fortunately, on most Android devices, you can now add an external SD card to increase the available storage space. It is an application that not only stores documents, images, music, videos, but runs specifically as if it were natively installed.

Save Your Apps In An SD Card On Your Android

This makes it easier to switch devices if, for example, you upgrade your handset or if your previous handset fails. Just remove the SD card, install it on your new device and you’re ready to go with apps and anything else.

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that not all devices support large SD cards. In fact, few can work with a 256 GB microSD card, so you need to see the largest external storage that your phone supports.

Steps To Store Apps On SD Card

Let’s take a look at the steps required to transfer the application to the SD card.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move all the applications from the internal storage of the device, but if they do, the settings in the Applications menu will appear in the application.

With the list open, go to and touch the app you want to move. You may need to navigate to the following menus until you see the storage information. The option to move the app to the SD card is shown below this information, but if it’s gray, the app is the one you can’t move.

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If you click this option, the application will move. Once this is done, the option to go to the SD card will appear as “Go to the phone”.

Starting with Android Marshmallow, the operating system allows users to “adopt” SD cards as internal storage. This will automatically install the permitted applications by default on your SD card, eliminating the need to move your data manually.

Store Apps To An External Card

It is important to note that once approved, the SD card cannot be removed from the phone without affecting the functionality of the device. Once adopted, the SD card will be configured as a local EXT4 unit, encrypted using AES 128-bit encryption and will be installed as part of the system.

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