How to Lock and Unlock Word document? [Step-by-step]

How to Lock and Unlock Word Document? [Step-by-step] Full Explained

How to Lock and Unlock Word document [Step-by-step]

How to lock and unlock Word documents?
Due to the variety of files containing sensitive information, you must lock the contents to prevent accidental changes. MS Office Word provides the ability to lock and unlock files while keeping your data confidential. Here are the right ways to lock and unlock MS Office Word files.
How to lock Microsoft Office Word file?

You can lock a file by specifying a password. After saving the file with a password, you must enter the password so that you can edit the file or access it for reading.

Write text in the Word MS Office file. When registration is complete, click the Office MS button and select the “Save As” option.
When the dialog box opens, the bottom left corner of the dialog box says “Tools”. Click “Tools”.
Select the “General Options” provided in the Tools menu.

Click the tools as you can see in the bottom right corner of the page.

A new dialog box opens which has two fields that are named as:

  • Password to open
  • Password to modify

Show a field for entering a password to lock the document.

If you want to protect the file for editing only, type a password in the change field or enter a password in the first field. To do this, you will need a password to open the document itself.

You can also lock specific portions of the Word file. These sections are also described.

  • Open the document file of MS office word.
  • Move over to the review tab provided at the top most rows.
  • Click the “Protect” option.

The screenshot for the same has been provided here.

  • A dropdown list will be present there. Click on the “restrict formatting and editing” button.
  • There is an option that says “allow only this type of editing in the document”. You must enable the option.
  • From among there pick the option of ”No changes, Read only”.

This screenshot shows the above mentioned steps.

  • Move on to the next part and select the parts which you DO NOT want to protect. For multiple scattered selections, use control key while selecting. Remember, the UNSELECTED PORTION gets protected.
  •  If you want all of it to be protected, select “Everyone” from exception section. It is an optional tab and can be left as it is.
  • Then there is the final step of picking “Yes start enforcing protection”.

After this, the selected components are locked.

A new dialog box appears where you can enter a password. Enter the password and press [OK].
Some of the files are protected.

So this was the right way to lock the file. Then proceed to the right way to unlock the protected files.

  • For a password-protected file, open the MS Office Word document.
  • When prompted for a password, enter the password and press [OK].
  • The file opens. Then click [Save As] from the MS Office button.

When the dialog box opens, click Tools in the lower right corner.
Select Security Options, clear the password field in the dialog that opens, and click OK.
Click Save

The file is unlocked for future use.
The process is even easier if you unlock selected fields that can be locked.
Just press Ctrl + Shift + F11 at the same time to unlock locked fields.

If you have a password-protected file that you can read but cannot change and have forgotten your password for, you should do the following:

  • Copy the contents of the Word file.
  • Select the MS office button in the new form to open a new file.
  • Paste the copied contents into a new file.
  • Go to the review section and tap the protection tab.
  • Go to the Edit and Format Areas window and click Stop Protection.
  • The file is unlocked and can be used.

Therefore, these were the key ways to lock and unlock MS keyword files.

Step By Step Explanation of How to Lock and Unlock Word document?

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