How to Install Windows 10 from USB

Install Windows 10 from USB With Ease

How to Install Windows 10 from USB Cover

To create a USB boot drive for Windows that starts with a Windows .iso file or Windows installation DVD:

Everything you need

  • Windows 10 installs .iso or DVD
  • USB flash drive with over 5GB of free storage. This unit is configured, so make sure there are no important files.
  • PC Technician-Windows PC Used to Configure USB Flash Drive
  • Computer Destination-Computer on which Windows is installed

Step 1-configure unit and set partition

  • Connect USB flash drive to PC.
  • Open Disk Manager. Right-click the [Start] button and select [Disk Management].
  • You can configure partitions. Right click on the USB drive partition and select Format. Select a FAT32 file system so that you can boot a BIOS-based or UEFI-based computer.
  • Activated partition: Right-click the USB drive partition and click “Create partition active”.

Step 2-copy Windows settings to USB flash drive

  • Use Windows Explorer to copy and paste the entire contents of your Windows DVD or ISO product to a USB flash drive.

Step 3-install Windows on the new computer

  • Connect the USB flash drive to the new computer.
  • Turn on the computer and press a key to open the computer’s boot device menu, such as Esc / F10 / F12.
  • Select the option to boot your computer from a USB flash drive. Windows installation starts. Follow the instructions to install Windows.
  • Remove the USB flash drive.

Software Screenshot:

How to Install Windows 10 from USB Screenshot

Troubleshooting: file copy fails

It can possibly happen when Windows image file is over the FAT32 file size limit of 4GB. When it happens:

  • Copy all the content except the Windows image file (sources\install.wim) to the USB drive (either drag and drop, or use this command, where D: is the mounted ISO and E: is the USB flash drive.)

robocopy D: E: /s /max:3800000000


  • Split the Windows image file into smaller files, and put the smaller files onto the USB drive:

Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:D:\sources\install.wim /SWMFile:E:\sources\install.swm /FileSize:3800

Note, Windows Setup automatically installs from this file, so all you need to do is name it install.swm.

Install Windows 10 from USB

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