How To Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 (2021)

Fix Mouse Problems in Windows 10

How To Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 Cover

Fix Mouse Issue in Windows 10: The most frustrating computer problems always occur in the worst times. Are you going to start a tax return? Keyboard problem. Ready to send Skype to distant relatives? Microphone problem. One problem is above all: defective mouse. Navigating the system is a difficult task without a mouse.

Fortunately, most mouse problems have a solution unless the hardware of the device is OK. Here are some ways to fix mouse problems in Windows 10.

Windows Mouse Fixes to Try First

In some cases, just loose cables can cause problems.

Make sure that the mouse or the wireless adapter is not disconnected from the port
Try removing the mouse cord or wireless adapter completely and reconnecting it to another port
New problems can be fixed once the system is restarted

If these quick tips don’t fix the problem with your Windows 10 mouse, go ahead.

Incompatible Drivers

The first port of the Windows 10 mouse issue is the system driver. Windows 10 handles most hardware driver updates. However, it does not always work properly and does not always detect driver updates after release. However, this does not mean that you cannot manually install the driver updates.

Enter Device Manager in the search bar of the start menu and select the corresponding option. Navigate and select the mouse and other pointers, right-click the mouse input and select Properties. Select the [Wizard] tab, then select [Driver Update].

If you have the right driver

If you’ve downloaded the right driver, browse your computer for driver software. On the next page, use the Search option to find the driver and click Next. The driver will be installed. Restart the system when you’re done.

If you don’t have the right driver

If you have not downloaded the driver directly from the manufacturer, select Automatically search for updated driver software. Now, Windows will automatically scan your computer and the internet for driver updates and install them accordingly. Windows will notify you if updates are not available.

No driver updates are available

If there is no driver update, try reinstalling the mouse driver manually. Enter the name of the mouse or touchpad in Device Manager, then go to the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer must provide the latest version of the mouse driver

If you can’t find the download on the manufacturer’s website, search the Internet for “Windows 10 Mouse Model” or “Windows 10 Model Driver Touchpad”. It should show the right driver for your hardware.

After downloading the new mouse driver, go back to Device Manager. Then go back to the Mouse Properties and Devices tabs. Select Uninstall and follow the instructions. Then install the manually downloaded mouse driver and restart the system (see “Check for the correct driver” above).

Hope that this is helping you Fix Mouse Not Working Issue in Windows 10

Mouse Freezing and Disappearing Cursor

Common Windows 10 mouse issues are related to Realtek HD Audio Manager. Unfortunately, Realtek HD Audio Manager is also a source of audio driver problems. Right-click the taskbar, select Manage Tasks, and go to the Start tab. When the Realtek HD Audio Manager application appears, right-click and select “Disable”. Then restart the system.

Disabling Realtek HD Audio Manager corrects frozen mice and cursor issues.

Touchpad Freezing

Some Windows 10 users report that the random touchpad freezes after using the keyboard. This issue appears to be related to the touchpad Synaptics driver. This can be a symptom of a conflict between the Windows 10 touchpad driver settings and the settings you normally use.

  1. Look for the mouse in the search bar in the start menu and select [Change Mouse Settings]. Or search for the mouse in the Cortana search bar and select Change Mouse Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the newly opened mouse and Touchpad menu are options for additional mouse options.
  3. Select the ClickPad tab> Settings> the Advanced tab.
  4. Set the filter activation time line to 0 seconds and press OK.

Mouse Lagging and Beeping Sound

Resolving the third mouse problem is another driver-related issue The mouse emits a strange beep with a delay. Microsoft first addressed these issues in April 2016 with cumulative updates KB3147458 and KB3147461. However, if the mouse delay in Windows 10 still appears, there is no benefit in trying the following fixes.

If the problem persists, go to Device Manager and look for a human interface device. If a HIN compatible with XINPUT is included, this fix may work.

First, you need to download this version of the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows and unpack it in an easy memory location. Return to the Device Manager XINPUT list. Right-click and select Update Driver Software.

How To Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 2

Select [Search My Computer for Driver Software], then select from the list of device drivers on your computer.

On the next screen, select From Tray. This allows you to browse the system for the selected driver. Use the Search button to find the exported file. Select xinputhid, Open and OK.

How To Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 3

This will take you back to the driver selection screen where you can select the “new” XINPUT driver. Press [Next] and restart the system.

How To Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 4

If this does not resolve the issue, locate and uninstall the previous updates (KB3140743 and KB3140768) despite the updates issued by Microsoft and wait for the next set of updates.

NOTE: The list of human input devices may vary from system to system. This fix has been shown to work on different systems with different hardware configurations.

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Mouse Acceleration

The problem of accelerating the mouse is very frustrating, especially for players among us. Have a headshot and BAM! The mouse moves to the other side of the screen, looking at the duplicate screen.

Windows 10 users report acceleration issues in some scenarios. There is no single solution for mouse acceleration issues. Try some of the mouse acceleration fixes below to see what tasks.

Disable the update

First, try enabling / disabling mouse acceleration in system settings.

Go to Control Panel> Hardware & Audio> Mouse.
Select the [Index Options] tab.
Turn off acceleration by clicking the Increase indicator accuracy check box.
Select [Apply] and [OK]. Check the reaction of p

How To Fix Mouse Not Working in Windows 10 5

MarkC Mouse Fix

Good old “Did you turn it on and then turn it on?” MarkC Mouse Fix is ​​a registry file that removes mouse cursor acceleration in Windows 10 and redefines features to the expected level of accuracy.

Download the compressed file with the MarkC mouse and export it to an easy memory location. Next, locate the DPI (Dots Per Inch) indicator of your screen by typing “show” in the search bar of the start menu and selecting “screen settings” from the options.

  • When the slider is completely to the left, the DPI is 100%. When you are in the center or right, it indicates a different scale. Click the slider to see a tooltip that shows the current DPI. Record the DPI.
  • When the slider is completely to the left, the DPI is 100%. When you are in the center or right, it indicates a different scale. Click the slider to see a tooltip that shows the current DPI. Record the DPI.

Return to the MarkC mouse modification folder, verify the Windows version, and open the folder.

Select the registry file that corresponds to the screen’s DPI. Answer the prompts with “Yes” or “OK”. Restart your system to complete the correction

Now you can enjoy precise mouse control one by one. There is no acceleration or pausing between movements.

Windows 10 Game Bar

The Windows 10 game bar is a useful feature for players. Of course, you can record and stream the game with other options. But Microsoft knows that integrating Windows 10 Gamebar with Windows 10 will give players who use desktops and Xboxes an advantage.

Anyway, back to the problems of Windows 10 mice. The Windows 10 game bar can cause mouse acceleration problems. Unfortunately, this is not a uniform problem.

Therefore, there is no clear solution. Some users have reported that other mouse acceleration fixes have a positive effect. Some have arrived to completely remove the built-in gaming features through Windows PowerShell.

If you are experiencing mouse acceleration issues when using the Windows 10 game bar, a common issue is to use the Windows + G shortcut key to trigger a write event. Try it yourself and see if you then experience mouse acceleration problems.

Solving Windows 10 Mouse Problems

Hopefully, one of the fixes will solve the problem of Windows 10 mice or touchpad. The Windows Update system can always break something. Microsoft’s relaxation of previous strict Windows Update rules only helps end users. If buggy updates do not install automatically, you are more likely to avoid time-consuming errors related to mouse.

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