How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

How to Delete a Facebook Page

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page Cover

Delete Facebook Page: There are many reasons to do business on Facebook. Its unprecedented global reach makes it an excellent marketing channel for people who can take advantage of it, and businesses that focus specifically on the area can use it to promote a strong and engaging community.

However, there are some good reasons to remove an organism from Facebook as well. There are probably ethical reasons for using personal data caused by incidents such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You may have closed your business and the page is no longer relevant – or you just aren’t the right platform for Facebook to reach your audience and keeping the page a lot of work may have been decided.

Why you may want to delete a Facebook business page

While Facebook has a large user base, digital marketing is more than just accessing that channel. It is important to consider how the channel approaches individuals. For Facebook, it is mainly used to connect with friends and relatives during the time of inactivity of individuals. This makes it suitable for companies in areas such as lifestyle, leisure and travel, but has nothing to do with B2B organizations, especially at the corporate level.

You can contact business decision makers via Facebook, but you probably don’t use the platform in the business context, but LinkedIn and Twitter make it much more likely.

You may need to remove the Facebook page if you want to merge duplicate pages into one, for example replacing pages in your regional branch with an umbrella page. Similarly, merging can result in the dissolution of the brand and the removal of the Facebook page.

For whatever reason, deleting a Facebook business page is a quick and easy process, but before you completely delete a page, consider merging multiple pages.

The important thing to understand is that when you delete a Facebook page, you permanently lose all content and lose the “like”, comments, and interactions of other users’ pages. Follow these steps only if you are sure that the page no longer exists.

How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

Delete a Facebook page from your browser

If you are using a browser to manage your Facebook pages, the process is easy. Go to the page you want to delete, go to the settings page in the Edit Page section, go to the bottom and go to the Delete Page page. Click Delete Hey Presto! Your page will be deleted. As with mobile phones, you can recover a page within 14 days of deleting it, but it will be lost forever.

Delete a Facebook Business Page on iOS or Android

From the Facebook app, go to the list of pages and select the page you want to delete. Click Edit Options, and then select Settings. Scroll down to find the Delete Page section and click to permanently delete the page. A warning appears, but if you are sure you want to delete it, click to continue and the page will be deleted.

You can cancel the deletion within 14 days so you can receive it again if you change your mind.

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Delete a Facebook page if you’re not an admin (Report a Page)

Obviously both of the above options assume that you are the administrator of the page, but if not, what if they were appointed by a former employee?

This is a bit more complicated than just deleting the page as an administrator. First, you need to mention the Facebook page about your copyright infringement. To do this, go to the page you want to delete, click on the three dots below the page cover photo and select Page Report. Explain why you are deleting the page. It is up to Facebook to remove the page.

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