How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome Desktop

Turn On Dark Mode for Google Chrome Desktop

How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome Desktop

Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome Desktop: Google Chrome doesn’t have a built-in dark theme like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, but you can get a dark Chrome browser with just a few clicks. You can also apply a dark theme to every website you visit.

Update: Chrome now offers built-in dark mode for Windows 10 and macOS

How to enable dark mode in Windows 10 and MacOS

Google Chrome received the built-in dark theme in Windows for Chrome 74 and MacOS for Chrome 73. To activate the dark theme of Chrome, change your operating system to dark mode.

In Windows 10, go to Settings> Customize> Colors and select Dark as the default application option. On a Mac, turn on the dark mode all over the system.

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If you want to use the dark and light functions of Chrome in all other Windows 10, you can enable the new dark function of Chrome. This article also includes steps to adjust the color of your Chrome window title bar.

Apply a Dark Theme

Chrome supports user-created themes. Items can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. To provide Chrome with a dark interface, just install the dark theme. Google also offers a useful collection of dark topics that have been selected by publishers. This will set the Chrome browser to dark mode in Windows 7, Linux, Chrome OS and other operating systems where it is not available.

Update: Google offers a variety of official Chrome browsing themes, including the “just black” dark mode. You may want to try it.

We recommend Morpheon Dark, the most popular dark theme in the store. Unlike some other dark themes, it provides a logical contrast between a slightly lighter active tab and a darker dark inactive tab.

This theme reduces the tab bar, title bar, toolbar and new tab. This is the only theme you can set in Chrome. For example, you can’t lower the Chrome environment menu or the settings page.

Update: Chrome’s new built-in dark feature also darkens the environment menu.

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To return to the default Chrome theme, click Menu> Settings. In the Appearance area, find the Themes option and click Restore to Defaults

Install a Dark Mode Extension For Google Chrome Dark Mode

The themes change the interface of the browser, but most websites use a white background. Of course, you can enable dark mode individually for Gmail and some other sites, but this only works for one site at a time.

To install the entire web in the dark mode, install the Dark Reader extension from the Chrome Web Store. Of all the dark operating extensions we’ve tried, Dark Reader is our favorite, although other browser extensions work.

This extension automatically applies dark style to every website you visit. You can customize it by clicking the [Dark Reader] button on the toolbar. You can also turn off the dark mode for your site from here. You can also use extensions to prevent your site from opening up in the dark. This is useful if Dark Reader is not working properly for your site.

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Unfortunately, the Chrome settings page is always white and blue. For security reasons, extensions cannot prevent this. Chrome environment menus are provided by the operating system, so you can’t reduce them at least until Windows 10 malfunctions are implemented in the application menu.


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